EM Stainer
The EM Stainer is a lanthanide salts based stain developed as an alternative for uranyl acetate without sacrificing performance.
Delivers comparable results without the authorization, shipping and disposal issue involved with uranyl acetate.
The EM Stainer is a non-toxic and non-radioactive stain.
Works well for staining of plastic embedded animal and plant tissues.
Also the EM Stainer is effective for negative stain.
Not recommended as a fixative and block staining.
336 EM Stainer 25ml
Japan Patent No.5199220
Refernce article
New versatile staining reagents for biological transmission electron microscopy that substitute for ulanyl acetate.
Journal of Electron Microscopy 60(6):401-407 (2011).
Masamichi Nakakoshi, Hideo Nishioka, Eisaku Katayama
Rat Kidney
4 x dilution of EM Stainer + Lead citrate
pictures provider:
Kayoko Tanaka, Central Laboratory, Saitama Medical University
How to use
The "EM Stainer" is supplied as a concentrated solution.
Please use following dilutions upon use.
excellent in negative staining
For most samples including, but not limited to, virus, dilute by 3`5x in distilled water; for Bacillus, a dilution of 15`40x is recommended.
It also allows more uniform staining over an extended area in negative staining as compared with uranyl acetate.
Infulenza Virus
4 x dilution of EM Stainer
pictures provider:
Masashi Yamaguchi, Chiba University
For TEM Samples
Dilute by 1`4x in distilled water.
Staining will take place in 30 minutes at room temperature.
For the cases where enhanced contrast is required, simply take the staining time longer or increase the concentration.
Post-staining with lead citrate is recommended.
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