Antigen Retrieval Reagent
Immunosaver allows for quick and easy immunostaining for the cell membranes and the nucleus.
Immunosaver provides efficient and successful antigen retrieval for a wide variety of antigens under optimized conditions.
Protocols for both Light and Electron Microscopy may be found with this reagent.
This reagent is patented in seven countries
United States Patent No.6960450
European Patent No.1376096
Japan Patent No.5199220
333 Immunosaver 100ml
Reversing the Effects of Formalin Fixation with Citraconic Anhydride and Heat:
A Universal Antigen Retrieval Method
Shigeki Namimatsu, Mohammad Ghazizadeh, and Yuichi Sugisaki
Division of Surgical Pathology, Nippon Medical School Hospital, Tokyo Japan
Journal of Histochemistry & Cytochemistry Volume 53(1):3-11,2005
(1)Simplicity: With the use of Immunosaver, antigen retrieval can be achieved under the same condition for both cell membranes and nuclus.
(this was not possible previously)
(2)After the antigen retrieval treatment at elevated temperature, the samples can be immunostained immediately after rinsing in a buffer solution.
(no need to wait until the samples are cooled down to room temperature as before)
(3)Excellent stainability even in a solution containing a lower concentration of an antibody, leading to a significant cost cutting.
(4)Stable staining with excellent reproducibility without failure.
Special Attention !!
For dilution of immunosaver, the use of distilled water or deionized water is essential.
Don't use the buffer solution. If you use the buffer solution, you will have little effect in activation.
Human thymus
CD4 antibody staining
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Shigeki Namimatsu,
Division of Surgical Pathology,
Nippon Medical School Hospital
x30 x60
Rat pancras
2.5% glutaraldehuyde
Epoxy resin
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Yoshiomi Mori, Department of Pathology,
Dokkyo Medical University,
Koshigaya Hospital
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